Regulatory Inspection

The certainty of knowing that all is operating correctly

Oil installations

Installations for the storage of liquid oil products, whether storage facilities or installations for consumption of the products in the installation itself or for supply to vehicles, must undergo the necessary regulatory inspections for the verification of their hermetic seal, their mechanical resistance and their security devices.

Early detection of possible wear of the material can prevent any escape of the content of the installation which might involve a danger of fire or explosion and the emission of discharges which are to the detriment of the environment.

Royal Decree No. 1562/1998 of 17 July amends the Complementary Technical Instruction to the Regulations on oil installations MI-IP02 “Liquid oil product storage facility” and regulates the conditions for the inspections of these elements.

For their part, the storage facilities for consumption in the installation itself and for supply to vehicles are governed by Royal Decree No. 1523/1999 of 1 October, amending the Oil Installation Regulations which were passed in Royal Decree No. 2085/1994 of 20 October and ITC MI-IP03 and MI-IP04 “Installations for supply to vehicles”.

Eurocontrol performs the periodic inspections and revisions, while also certifying the initial and periodic hermeticity tests run on these three types of installations.

Storage Facilities (IP02)

Type of test:

  • Periodic Inspection pursuant to Art. 46.2
  • Startup
  • On-site test pursuant to Art. 26



For consumption in the installation itself (IP03) and for supply to vehicles (IP04)

Type of test:

  • Provisional Autonomous Unit
  • Periodic Revision
  • Periodic Inspection
  • Hermeticity Test using the Sound Method




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