Regulatory Inspection

The certainty of knowing that all is operating correctly

Regulatory inspection of vehicles and containers

Transport of both hazardous and perishable goods is an activity which may involve a risk to the health of persons if not all the security measures established in the national and international legislation are complied with.

Royal Decree No. 2319/2004 establishing the standards for the security of containers in line with the International Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) develops the requisites for inspecting and controlling the safety of cargo containers used for the sea transport of goods. In this sphere, Eurocontrol’s accreditation as a control body extends to the following inspections:

Inspection of Multimodal Containers for Hazardous Goods (CSC)

The European Agreement on the international road transport of hazardous goods (ADR) and Royal Decree No. 97/2014 of 14 February regulating operations for the transport of hazardous goods by road in Spanish territory establish the conditions necessary to guarantee security in the carriage of such substances. Thus the vehicles involved must undergo strict controls by the accredited bodies, in order to minimise the risk of accident as a consequence of their stand.


In this field, Eurocontrol runs the following regulatory inspections:

following regulatory inspections_2

In the area of the carriage of perishable goods (MPR-ATP), Royal Decree No. 237/2000 of 18 February establishes the technical specifications which must be complied with by special vehicles for the land transport of food products at a regulated temperature, and the procedures for monitoring conformity with the specifications, and also assigns the authorised control bodies a substantial part of the functions which are associated with the monitoring and certification of this type of vehicle.


For its part, Eurocontrol offers a wide range of inspections of vehicles for the transport of perishable goods:following regulatory inspections_3

following regulatory inspections_3_1

following regulatory inspections_3_2

following regulatory inspections_3_3


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