Regulatory Inspection

The certainty of knowing that all is operating correctly

Thermal installations in buildings


Thermal installations in buildings must adhere to a schedule of regulated inspections not just relative to security but also with reference to their energy efficiency, with the aim of protecting people’s health and the quality of the air, and of promoting energy-saving.

Royal Decree No. 1027/2007 of 20 July which passed the Regulations on Thermal Installations in Buildings establishes the procedure for and the frequency of inspections of boilers and air conditioning systems, in this way complying the requisites put in place in Directive No. 2002/91/EC of 16 December dealing with the energy efficiency of the thermal installations in new and existing buildings.



Eurocontrol is able to make the following inspections available to you:

Type of inspection

  • Inspection of the Heat Generator
  • Inspection of the Cold Generator
  • Inspection of the Complete Thermal Installation


Scope of Application

Fixed air conditioning installations (heating, cooling and ventilation) and those for the production of sanitary hot water and designed to meet the demand for people’s thermal welfare and hygiene.





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