Shipping Inspection

Customised solutions for each craft


Mandatory safety material and equipment on board leisure craft 

Find out what equipment you have to have on board, depending on where you are sailing. DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTATION

Official regulations

Here you’ll find some of the official texts regarding the inspection and CE marking of leisure craft. (See REGULATIONS Section)

EC conformity evaluation application form

These documents must be completed by the applicant, either by hand or electronically. DOWNLOAD

Engineering department

If you are a shipyard or private individual and you need to have project documentation drawn up, listed below are some of the engineers and naval engineering departsments  that have submitted technical documentation to EUROCONTROL satisfactorily


EUROCONTROL S.A. has participated as a notified body in the approval and CE certification of existing or newly-built models. For reference purposes, listed below are some of the shipyards with which we have worked (The most representative projects are described in the CUSTOMERS AND PROJECTS section).

Certified products

Certified products grouped by subject. View topic

Exhaust gas certification laboratories

If you are a private shipowner or engine manufacturer and you need to bench test your engine or jet ski, check this list of laboratories that EUROCONTROL has worked with.

Guide for the preparation of technical reports according to DIRECTIVE 94/25/EC as amended by DIRECTIVE 2003/44/EC (Royal Decree 2127/2004)

This document is facilitated to help you prepare the technical documentation. DOWNLOAD

Note 1: From 30th April 2010, whenever using ISO 12217 standards to justify stability, the updated versions of these standards, as revised in 2009, must be used.

Note 2: From 1st October 2010, any technical documentation that is not signed by the director of the shipbuilder must be certified by the competent professional association.

Rates (See abobe)