Integral service in network deployments

Audit and consultancy of network deployment


GestionIntegralProyectosEurocontrol offers services linked to the deployment of both fixed and mobile networks, from the definition of aims by the client until startup and taking in all the phases: design, technical feasibility, supervision of the construction and quality control, monitoring progress markers, and acceptance.

Planning deployment:

Planning of resources and means, and coordinating those involved so as to reach the objectives defined in the deployment plan put in place, and tracking milestones / deadlines.

Management of Licences and Permits:

  • Negotiation with the owners, and with the municipal and regional representatives.
  • The preparation and presentation of the documentation required.
  • Administrative management of payment of charges.
  • Monitoring of the formalities with the various local and regional public administrations.
  • Management of all the administrative files (urban discipline, penalty procedures, etc…)

Quality control (Engineering, BQA and documentary):

  • Identification, tracking and resolution of flaws in the design, implementation and delivery (documentary and remote).
  • Monitoring and evaluation of subcontractors and workers with visits for checks on the quality of the work at given significant deadlines for the work or installation.
  • Monitoring of all the requisites related to Occupational Risk Prevention.

Financial controls:

  • Budgetary controls on the deployment, along with identification and analysis of financial divergences.
  • Backup in defining the basic financial criteria which regulate the designs and configurations.
  • Control and tracking of orders, work instructions, etc.
  • Certification of jobs and controls on the billing.

Acceptance on the client’s behalf:

  • Completion of the acceptance certificate.
  • Verification of the application of the test protocols.
  • Backup in the application of penalties.
  • Acceptance of startup and the proposal for migration to the web.



DUE Diligence:

.-Analysis of installations from the standpoint of the state of the infrastructure and equipment, legalisation, technical configuration and quality, among other aspects.

.-Definition of evaluation criteria, establishing scales and objective assessments of the state of the installation or infrastructure.

.-Drawing up of reports with the concluding results.

Financial control:

.-Monitoring of the performance of agreements applied to investments shared among a number of operators and/or vendors.

.-An analysis of the feasibility of the implementation of jobs or installations for which budgetary allocations have been made.

.-Budget controls on proposals for implantation, with the identification and analysis of financial divergences.

.-Certification and controls on billing.




Nominal network plan:

.-Design of the annual road map for the deployment, and setting out all the information on the target nodes, according to zone.

.-Revision and updating from time to time depending on developments (the technical feasibility of nodes in the design phase, sharing, etc.)

Acquisitions and licences:

  • Preparation of implantation plans.
  • Elaboration of SARs which contain the information necessary for an assessment of the candidate.
  • Documentation of burned areas.
  • The search for the most appropriate candidate to cover the target zone (visual in the field).

Radio and tx design:

  • Cover simulations.
  • The creation of SARF and the associated documentation.
  • Design of high-level TX (Generation and optimisation of network topologies and the inclusion of new elements into existing topologies).
  • Low-level design for the Tx solution for a Radio access point.
  • Division by clusters and the preparation of radio inputs in order to implement reparenting.

Redesign and definition of the radio solution:

  • A proposal for the best radio solution, location, orientation, model and height of the radio sectors.
  • Definition of the location of the radio and transmission equipment on the existing frames as part of the redrawn location and in the remote facilities.

Preparation of Radio Integration data:

  • Generation of data relative to the radio parameters of the station to be integrated.
  • Verification of the load, with the parameters defined.

Initial Tuning, monitoring and troubleshooting:

  • Definition and monitoring of sites.
  • Definition and tracking of corrective actions so as to fulfil the KPIs.
  • Extraction of daily accounting reports for analysis at the level of node, cluster, BSC, RNC.
  • Detection of incidences and divergences from the KPIs.
  • 48 hour monitoring.
  • Troubleshooting.

Drive Test:

  • Registration of parameters for the verification of cover and the quality of the network for various operators and technologies.
  • Definition of procedures and sequences.
  • Benchmarking measurements between operators.
  • Elaboration of processing reports and analyses (KPI statistics, analysis of events, area of influence plots, best server, etc.).

Lines of view

Verification of LOS from two isolated sites.



  • Negotiations with the owners and with the municipal and regional representatives.
  • Preparation and presentation of the documentation required.
  • Administrative management of payment of charges.
  • Monitoring of formalities with the various local and regional public administrations.
  • Management and resolution of calls for the correction of deficiencies by the Public Administrations.
  • Management of all the administrative procedures (urban discipline, penalty procedures, etc…)
  • Securing work and activity licences


Supervision of installations in mobile telephone facilities (newly introduced and swap) and in internal and external plant:

  • Supervision of the compliance with the applicable provisions, and the executive project.
  • Verification of the installation in accordance with the operator’s specifications.
  • Controls on the use of officially certified elements.

Drawing up of the audit checklist and cataloguing of hitches:

  • Definition of items for verification, in the terms of the specifications.
  • Weighting of the critical nature of flaws.

Audit of the final state of an installation, and monitoring of flaws:

Verification of compliance with KPIs and SLAs.

Reports oN the evaluation and benchmarking of suppliers.

Definition of mechanisms for an appraisal and application of bonuses / penalties to suppliers.

Evaluation and monitoring of the level of qualification of the technical personnel.

Training of suppliers:

  • An explanation of the main Lessons learned.
  • Application of specific work procedures, the operator’s norms.
  • An indication of the extent to which flaws are critical.
  • The introduction of self-acceptance models.

Supervisión de actividad de mantenimiento de red móvil y fija:

  • Verification of the fulfilment of the KPIs and SLAs
  • Control and monitoring of preventive and corrective maintenance performed
  • Supervision of the quality of the maintenance work done


HerramientasGestionFlaw monitoring tools:

.- Efficient control of the quality of work and/or installations by the registration and tracking of flaws detected.

.- Cataloguing of flaws.

.- Planning audits and delivering notifications.

.- Extracting results and statistics.

.- Drafting of evaluation reports based on the critical level of the installation, project, operator, etc.

Tools for the management of employee accreditation and CAE

  • Controls on the accreditation of workers and companies in the Occupational Risk Prevention field.
  • Generation of consultations and extraction of lists.
  • Delivery of notice of expiry of documentation.
  • Versioning of documentation to guarantee traceability.

Tools tracking personnel qualification and training:

  • Monitoring of staff training, by activities and projects.
  • Evaluation and appraisal of knowledge.
  • Registration and a record of scores obtained according to project/area/activity.
  • Programming of training courses and delivery of notifications


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