Integral service in network deployments

Inspection and control

Eurocontrol carries out measures for the characterisation and verification of levels and parameters of quality for all types of networks.




Management of the Work, and Coordination of Safety and Health for installations in mobile telephone facilities (newly installed) and in internal and external plant:

  • Assistance in the redrawing (solutions proposed relative to the structural details, the electrical connection, work for the upgrading of the site)
  • Compliance with the applicable specifications / provisions.
  • Review of the construction project.
  • Technical visits to ensure that the work is being done in line with the terms established in the construction project. Proposal for inclusion of Annexes into the original project.
  • Proposals for alternative solutions as a response to incidents / deviations from what was redrawn.
  • Generation of the relevant documentation.
  • Supervision of AS BUILT documentation.
  • Supervision and Approval of Safety and Health Plans.
  • Organisation of the coordination of business activities as provided for in Article 24 of the Occupational Risks Prevention Act and in Royal Decree No. 171/2004 developing Article 24 of that Act, in the field of coordination of business activities.
  • Visits to the work site, analysing compliance with the PSS and the accreditations of the companies, personnel and machinery provided on the work site
  • Preparation of written registers of visits to the work in the incident log, and the elaboration of work reports.






Reports on levels of exposure to electro-magnetic fields:

Register of measurements of exposure to electro-magnetic fields.

Verification of compliance with the provisions:

.- In public: Royal Decree No. 1066/2001

.- At work: European Parliament Directive No. 2013/35/EU

.- Drafting of documentation.

Search for interferences:

  • Spectral analyses in the station environs.
  • Identification of the source of interference and a characterisation of its spectral behaviour.
  • Physical location of the source of interference.


Measurements and Analysis of Passive intermodulation (PIM):

  • Request for a service cut in the sectors affected.
  • PIM measurements taken throughout the RF.
  • Analysis and detection of elements causing PIM sources
  • Correction of elements in the RF which cause PIM.





.- Register of levels of the intensity of the electromagnetic field according to Royal Decree No. 1066/2001.

.- Verification of station radioelectric data

.- Calculation of volumes of protection and estimated levels

.- Design of station planimetry

.- Elaboration of documentation in formats required by MINETUR





.- Spectral analysis for all frequency bands.

.- Detection of signals in each band analysed.

.- Identification of frequencies, bandwidth and power for existing signals





Registration of parameters for an evaluation of the quality of the network at node and cluster level, for all technologies and operators

.- Registration of the level of power received (verification of RXLEV)

.- Verification of vocal signal quality (RXQual or C/I) and the speed of access to the data service (throughput),

.- Evaluation of continuity in calls in itinerancy (verification of adjacencies)

.- Verification of Handover (Intra Cell Handover, Inter-Frequency Handover…etc)


A comparative analysis of the provision of telephony service between communications operators.

Measures prior to and post migrations/changes of LAC

Reparenting measures

Pre-swap and post-swap measures

Special and pilot tests, and strategic projects:

Register of parameters, and designing layouts in metro networks, Barcelona Mobile World Congress, etc.

Measurements of Indoor quality:

Measurements of the quality of the telephony service and of WIFI networks inside singular buildings: hospital environments, leisure centres, shopping centres…

Processing reports

  • Processing of layout and analysis of results
  • Plots of the area of influence, best server, RSRP, SNR; Serving Cell, etc.
  • Analysis of events and statistics
  • Proposed corrective actions



HerramientasGestionFlaw monitoring tools:

.- Efficient control of the quality of work and/or installations by the registration and tracking of flaws detected.

.- Cataloguing of flaws.

.- Planning audits and delivering notifications.

.- Extracting results and statistics.

.- Drafting of evaluation reports based on the critical level of the installation, project, operator, etc.

Tools for the management of employee accreditation and CAE

  • Controls on the accreditation of workers and companies in the Occupational Risk Prevention field.
  • Generation of consultations and extraction of lists.
  • Delivery of notice of expiry of documentation.
  • Versioning of documentation to guarantee traceability.

Tools tracking personnel qualification and training:

  • Monitoring of staff training, by activities and projects.
  • Evaluation and appraisal of knowledge.
  • Registration and a record of scores obtained according to project/area/activity.
  • Programming of training courses and delivery of notifications


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