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Accreditations and acknowledgements

Eurocontrol holds all the accreditations, authorisations, certifications and registrations necessary to perform the inspection, trial, certification and control services, among others. These accreditations, which are issued by the related official bodies following a process of technical audit and management, are the guarantee of our technical proficiency, and validate our operational procedures.

For detailed information, please consult the section on “Accreditations and awards” in each area.


Accreditations issued by ENAC (the National Accreditation Agency)


ENAC impartially evaluates the compliance by the various evaluators pursuant to the requisites which are put in place in universally accepted International Standards or in regulatory documentation, in order to ensure that they are operating correctly. Accreditations granted by the ENAC provide the basis which is used by the Central and Regional Administrations to authorise companies to provide their services in the related areas, in each of their geographical spheres.

Eurocontrol fits into three of the categories which are evaluated by the ENAC:


Inspection Body

Inspection bodies perform evaluations of installations, components, etc. in the regulatory or voluntary fields, to decide in accordance with the legislation, standards or specifications. Eurocontrol has the following accreditations as an Inspection Body, according to the requisites established in the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17020 Standard:

Trial Laboratory

Accreditation by ENAC guarantees the technical competency of the Trial Laboratories, as provided for in the requisites put in place in the UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 Standard. The following are the accreditations which Eurocontrol holds as a Trial Laboratory:


Other Accreditations and Authorisations

Eurocontrol has also been recognised elsewhere following processes of evaluation, registration or certification by public or private bodies associated with each of them and which authorise the company to perform certain services.

The following are the most important of these:

  • Accreditation as an External Prevention Service at the national level, issued by the IRSST (the Madrid Regional Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) in the four following specialities: Occupational Safety, Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics and Psychosociology and Occupational Medicine.
  • Certificate as a Technical Control Body for Construction (OCT) issued by UNESPA (the Spanish Union of Insurance and Reinsurance Institutions).
  • Registration in the Ministry of Development as a Control Body for Quality in Construction (ECC).
  • Registration in the Technical Construction Code (CTE) in all the Autonomous Communities, to conduct the Quality Control on buildings and civil engineering work, and trials on construction materials.
  • Registration as a Body for the Verification of Energy Certification, in all the Autonomous Communities.
  • Certification of the consultancy personnel for the sustainability certificates issued by BREEAM.
  • Certification of the procedures for consultancy and specification in waste plants and in solid urban waste, issued by ECOEMBES.
  • Registration as Industrial Inspection and Control Body (EICI) in the Community of Madrid in a number of fields.
  • A body notified for evaluation for clearance for Leisure Vessels, issued by the Ministry of Development.


Management System Certifications

As provided for in Eurocontrol’s Quality, Environmental and Occupational Risk Prevention policies, the company holds the certifications which guarantee that those policies are complied with, and issued by the following bodies with authority:


  • The AENOR ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate Download.
  • The IQNET ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate Download.
  • The AENOR ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems Certificate Download
  • The IQNET ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate Download.
  • The OHSAS 18001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System Certificate Download.