Who are we?

The guarantee of experience in inspection, security and quality control

The company

At Eurocontrol we offer to our clients integrated solutions in the fields of industrial inspection, regulatory inspection, measurements and testing, technical assistance, audit, engineering and technical studies, occupational health and safety, consultancy and training.

Almost 50 years of experience guarantee our experience in the control and the assurance of the quality of all types of materials, equipment, components, services, installations and industrial plants. Since our foundation in 1973, we have been working to respond in a personalised way to any type of client, whatever their size or location.

Our greatest asset is our human team, currently made up of around 1300 people. We have technicians qualified in different disciplines, who combine versatility in related areas and the necessary degree of specialisation in certain areas, which allows us to guarantee the quality of the control and consultancy services we provide.

Eurocontrol is part of the Apave Group, a leading French company with more than 150 years of existence and presence in more than fifty countries on five continents, which provides a complete range of technical and professional services in the areas of inspection, technical assistance, construction, tests and measurements, training and consultancy.

Our network of branches extends throughout the Iberian Peninsula and the islands, with a presence in all the autonomous communities and Portugal. We also provide our services in any country where our clients require them.

Today, Eurocontrol is one of the leading companies in the market in the field of inspection, quality control and technical assistance in the areas of Regulatory Inspection in Industrial, Environmental and Naval Safety, Industrial Inspection, Occupational Risk Prevention, Acoustic Engineering and Acoustic Testing, Telecommunications, Waste, Technical Assistance in Civil Works, Construction, Management Systems Consultancy and Energy Efficiency.


The Company’s mission

Eurocontrol’s main mission is to perform controls to enhance industrial quality and security and, with that in mind, the company offers services to ensure that all activity takes placed in accordance with contractual Specifications and Codes and with the associated National and International Regulations.

The company’s activity is therefore governed by the basic principles of independence, impartiality and confidentiality.


Our values

The following are the values which define and draw the bases of our business culture:

  • Technical Competence. This is a reliable company which guarantees its technical competence not just with its accumulated experience but also with the commitment to comply with the various standards applicable to it (ISO, UNE, ASTM, etc.) and which serve to underwrite that competence (National Accreditation Agency Accreditations, certifications, ISO, etc.)


  • Client satisfaction. Eurocontrol came into being in order to provide high added-value services to its clients’ complete satisfaction in the broadest sense.


  • Social Responsibility. This is a Company which is committed to Society, aware of the implications which arise from our activities in their various contexts – national and local – it operates in, and committed to Sustainable Development, the Environment and watching out for the Provisions which apply to it.


  • Effectiveness and Efficiency. The pursuit of the Company’s various activities is defined according to criteria of Effectiveness and Efficiency, in such a way as to work to ensure that the objectives set are met with the resources available and this, in turn, is achieved at the lowest possible cost within the standards put in place.


  • Respect for persons. EUROCONTROL’s aims to bring out the entire potential of the persons making the Company up, involving them in their activity as a means to motivate them and enhance their commitment to the organisation.


  • Modernity and Innovation. To satisfy its clients to the full and to generate ever-increasing value for them, Eurocontrol designs and manages its processes, products and services systematically and introduces the necessary measures in those processes via their innovation, design and development.


  • EUROCONTROL is defined in its conception as an Organisation with a multiplicity of locations, enabling it to understand better the reality of each territory where it functions, playing a significant role in its Management of the reality in each Zone.




In the light of the complexity of the main lines of its structure (Work Centres, Lines of Activity), agility in reaching the right decisions  is a factor of the very greatest importance in the Company, for which it is adequately structured (in organisational terms).