Who are we?

The guarantee of experience in inspection, security and quality control



The importance and prestige of the assignments completed to date, combined with our extensive professional experience (over 20 years), means that the Consultancy services offered by EUROCONTROL are much appreciated and highly valued beyond our borders.

EUROCONTROL is currently considering of different projects for participating in the European Commission’s H2020 Programme, analyzing the added value that the initiatives would bring to all the interested parties.

In Latin America, our Consultancy Department professionals continue participating as Evaluators for the Latin American Award for Excellence (FUNDIBEQ), consolidating their international experience in this field, which dates back more than 10 years.

Several other initiatives are also underway in countries such as Colombia, Panama and Uruguay where EUROCONTROL is following an active participation strategy.

All our Consultancy Department professionals have extensive international experience in working on international projects, both in Europe (LIFE Programs with Sweden, Italy and Greece) and in Latin America (Argentina and the Dominican Republic, among others)